Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Goddess within every MOM!

While attending a local women's event,  I had the opportunity to meet speaker and author, Sunni Boehme!  I loved that she just followed her gut instincts and let each day lead its own way to make many of her dreams a reality.  I asked her to share much of her knowledge with all the awesome moms I know.   We put so much aside and forget to listen to our heart or follow our gut instincts.  Maybe if we learn a little bit of which inner goddess to listen to each day, we can grow and become more than we already are.  So please enjoy and embrace your GODDESS WITHIN!!


Thanks Connie for inviting me to share bits of my journey to follow my bliss and create a career and life that I thrive in and continually grow and evolve with.

Each of you are all so changing and evolving and are right now experiencing the strength and unconditional love of the Mother Goddess Demeter.  In your teens and 20's you may have been flirting and dancing as Aphrodite or Persephone and then you got bit by love and that often leads to babies. With the birth of the baby you suddenly feel the powerful surge of protection, caring, giving, and loving this child.   Some women are born to have children and play with baby dolls continually and can't wait to have a family and when they finally do it is every wish fulfilled.  Those women had strong Demeter signs even as children....always talking about the family they were going to have and dreams of the home and children.  

Demeter runs her house with love and forgiveness and lots of hugs and cookies.  

The house might be messy but she'll always clear off a spot on the table to have a chat and a cup of coffee with you because she loves family and extended family and there is always room for one more at her table and another baby on her lap.  A strong Demeter will often want to take in foster children and help a child in need. Have you seen the woman who has 19 children?  She's totally Demeter. The biggest challenge in life is loosing herself and forgetting to take time out for herself.  She can get depressed when the children leave home (empty nest is a crusher for her).....until she has grandchildren and then she is the happiest woman in the world.  

Some of you were "career girls" with strong Athena tendencies.  The ability to sort things out and organize and create order out of chaos.  You were on a career path and got your degrees and were climbing up the ladder and then there was this choice....I better make my decision about having a family and finding a husband and having babies.  Yes, for the Athena it is all about choice and strategy and finding the right time.

When a strong Athena is the Mom she runs the house like a "tight ship"  

everything is in order and there is routine and structure and there is strategy about what schools the children will go to.....will it be the German immersion school or the college prep school?  Strategy and goals and expectations and coaches, gymnastics, etc.etc.  Her biggest challenge is learning how to get down on the floor and just play and relax and laugh.  When she can allow herself to let her children be her joy guides and learn to lighten up and be silly then she can really have fun with her kids and be a great mom and not just a very efficient mom.

If you are a strong Artemis you probably hadn't given much thought or intention to having children because Artemis is happiest in the woods or in nature or sparring with the guys.  Playing pool or darts or "guy things" fixing, remodeling, gardening...even fixing motors and cars.  She wants her own motorcycle. 

The Artemis  values her independence and quiet time.  She's the Tom-boy type.  
Most comfortable in natural fibers and jeans and a t-shirt or fleece in the winter.   

She loves horses and big dogs...well any dogs and animals.   Babies....well they are often unplanned and Armetis can't wait until they are old enough to play ball and tag and run through the fields with their (child)ren.  That's where she shines.

Oh there is so much more that I can share with you because you are a blend of 3 of the types and by taking the quiz (see below) I can help you to understand yourself and how you can enjoy being a Mom even more and learn to take time to renew and restore yourself so that you will be an even happier Mom.

Learn more about more goddess types 
Aphrodite, Persephone, Hestia, Hera, Demeter, Athena & Artemis.

It can be a really fun "girls night out"  to get together!  Take the quiz and I will come and tell you all the combinations and meanings on your particular chart.....and how to overcome the pitfalls that can drag you down....because every one has a weak spot.

I am a citizen of the world and I have learned how to grow into and experience all of the goddess archetypes on my journey.....and we all can.   I was a very weak Persephone as a child and could never make up my mind so I felt powerless and let every one else lead.   In my teens when my Aphrodite showed up my parents were afraid of my attraction and sexual energy, that made me afraid of it too.  It took many years to get out from under that wet blanket on my joy....but I got over it and now..

I love helping women to claim their power and understand their 
unique qualities and honor what they need to thrive." 
You can read more about my journey to JOY in my books:

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"Diary of a Turkish Wedding" 
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Take the quiz to find out what your goddess type is! 
E-mail and I'll send it to you to download.   

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Let Sunni know The Moms Diet sent you her way!  
Thank you so much Sunni for taking the time to share and many wishes on all your upcoming excitements!

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