Friday, January 10, 2014

The Credit Card Mom

Start this year off on the right financial foot.  While revising your spending plan, learn how to earn more with your spending ...

Find out what credit card is best for you when you pay your monthly balances in full.  
Make your dollars work for you, you are spending them anyway, so why not get some rewards/ points/ cash back for doing so?  

Here are some great tips I found making your money work for you:
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Mom who beat the odds

Happy New Year to all the Unbelievable Moms out there!  

Make 2014 YOUR year of hope, health and happiness and don't EVER EVER give up!  What a better way to kick off the New Year than to share this amazing story of  Heather Von St. James, who beat the odds.  Click on the link below to read her story:

Thank you Heather, for sharing your courageous story with others and encouraging more woman, that they too, can beat the odds!