Friday, June 13, 2014

New Summer! New Look and Some More Fun!!!

The Moms Executives
Sooo.... do you like the new pink?!?!  I thought how appropriate to start the summer blogging refreshed and renewed with new stories, great moms, a ton of fun, and heck, why not an entire new blogging look?!?

Well  its been a week of summer vacation already come and gone.  A week!!!  Time flies, I know I say that often when I write but it's so true!! The days are short and the years are long and we all know that's the truth, right ladies!?!?!! 

The Moms Executives (Mia, 6 & Julia, almost 5) and I started the summer off with a Saturday morning breakfast together and a great idea of the ...

2014 Summer Fun List!

dunt, dunt, dahhhhh!!!! (the Croods, go with it...)

Summer Fun Planning   
 So we kick off this summer blog by sharing it with you! From A-Z we thought of all  the fun things we'd like to do this summer, whether its visiting Auntie Clara's Pool  (A), Making Summer Shakes (S), Roller Skating on a Rainy Day (R) or just having a  Lazy Day of Nothing (L), its their summer to enjoy.  (From The Moms Perspective,  it's my summer to keep THEM busy and ME happy!)  The challenge with this list, be  warned, is that I had to make them understand why we cannot go in A to Z order so  some letters were "weather permitting".

 This week, I found them waking up and asking "what letter is today"?  They'd go to  the Summer Fun List, check it out and see what was in store  for them. Even if it was  doing a small thing, it was still something fun for  them to look forward to.  

The Official Summer of Fun

B day= we made bracelets, baked brownies and went to big brother, Cameron's, Baseball Game!

We reviewed the list with the rest of the family and everyone added on their own fun activities.  It was all written in marker on a half sized poster board and put on the fridge.  I find the girls crossing things off as we go along each day and all of us adding things here and there.  I write the date next to the letter to keep our summer picture journal in order (and yes, that journal probably won't be done till Xmas, stay tuned, I have my kids summer to enjoy ;)).  

So here you go... your family of summer fun list.  Enjoy, make your own, and share yours with us!  

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