Sunday, July 6, 2014

4000 Pageviews & 101 Readers!!!

About 1 year ago, June 13, 2013,  I started this blog with an amazing group of moms supporting me.  

4000 page views (and counting...) in one year may not be much to some people, but for me its 4000 views of gratitude that I have for each person that has taken the time, to read, view and share!

It all started with my sister and our coffee chats in the morning!  and now 4000 views later... ideas are still being written and posted on The Moms Diet!

THANK YOU to all the Moms for reading, viewing, sharing, contributing and taking the time to check out this blog!

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4003 as of July 6, 2014

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

B is for Ball. F is for Fearless.

Balls. Everything is a ball.  If its round, it is to be played with. The Christmas Tree Ornament that completely shattered everywhere when thrown to the ground expecting it to bounce back up.  Easter Eggs were balls that cracked and didn't work in this kids eyes.

 Maximus, whom I refer to as my Grand Finale, is child number four.  My "if- I- didn't- do- it- right- with- the- other- three- kids, now- is- my- chance- to- make- it- up" finale.  Moms, you know when you're done, you're done, and once we had four, we were good to go with completing our family, hence "grand finale".

Every child is different, most moms know.  Our first son was the easiest, laid back, calm, went with the flow,  a few separation challenges here and there that we all got thru together, just an easy going kid for the most part. My girls in between, well, that was all a blurr.  I had them a year apart from each other all while selling and moving into a new home (another chaos story that we made it through!). Now my little man Maximus.  When one of us gets upset with him, the others are there backing him up or taking him by the hand letting him know its ok.  #4, yup, the love of all of our lives in this house.

So back to the balls, we did what anyone would do when they see their child has an interest in an activity, we signed him up for the Team!  The big leagues, also known in our town as the "Mighty Mitts".  That's right, it was time for this 3 year old to step up to the plate and we all knew how ready he'd be.  We were excited about this big day for our guy.  He was always running around with us to sport practice here, dance rehearsal there, acting as the families biggest fan no matter where we were headed, soccer, baseball.  Now it was his turn and we all couldn't wait.  Our endless "pitch to me" days were all put into play now.

So this is how the big day went...