Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Every day women are fighting battles.   Some right in our own home with ourselves, our children, spouse, health, financial struggles, worrying day in and day out about the hope that everything will be ok no matter how big or small the situation may be and never knowing what may arise.  We want everything to be "ok" and most of all, we want to win each battle.  We say winning is not everything, well it is.  Especially when it comes to the battle of your life.  Women fight with even more courage, strength and determination than ever, and this is when losing is not an option.

I have had the honor of amazing women share their stories of the most heroic battles and in my heart I wanted the timing to be right when it came time to sharing their journeys with you.  The timing couldn't be better to lift each other up and let each other know, "it'll be ok, you got this".

With school right around the corner, what a great way, I felt,  to start off this series than to recognize this amazing teacher, mother, and friend, Mrs. Jenni Olson.  I cannot thank her enough for taking the time to write and share in her own words her journey of survival.  I know her story will inspire others, so please read, share and remember, "you got this."

Mrs. Olson with Mia
My name is Jenni; I am a wife, a mom, a kindergarten teacher and  
I am an Ovarian Cancer Survivor.  
I was diagnosed on Good Friday in April of 2012, after the pathology on a large cyst that I had removed came back positive. I was completely blindsided when I received the call from my doctor. Cancer was not something that I had even considered or had even discussed with my doctor as a possible concern before the surgery.  After all there was no history of Ovarian Cancer in my family. 

Suddenly at 40 years old, I was facing a diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer Stage 1C.