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Ann Bosman, Founder & President of the AMB Foundation remembering Amy

Ann Bosman-Foltz, a mother of two, a wife, daughter, friend and a sister to one amazing woman...
Ann Bosman & Connie Lynn remember Amy

Amy Bosman
Ann with her parents & sister Amy
Here's The Moms Diet Special Edition...
to Amy...
You realize how much a person has impacted your life even more so when they are gone.  Amy Marie Bosman left us at the age of 25 and I always say, she did more within those 25 years of changing other peoples lives than most of us will do in our entire lifetime.  She was vibrant, beautiful, happy, extremely intelligent and people loved her.  She was involved in everything at school; sports, community organizations, activity clubs, and excelled in it all.  She was top 20 outstanding senior in our class of 500 for both academics and involvement, she was our proud Kenosha Jr. Miss and so much more.

Amy in Guatemala
Some friends would have it all stop right there at high school graduation, but not Amy.  She took on the world by storm, graduating from Northwestern University with honors. She was with Teach For America teaching in rural and public schools. She helped raise every student's reading level in her class at Houston, TX. She was a part of the Habitat for Humanity project rebuilding a church in Alabama always building amazing friendships every she went. Amy traveled to Madagascar volunteering to build latrines in a small village. She was a part of the Guatemala Accompaniment Project and became so much more than the project, immersing herself into the entire community with the Network In Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA).  When she returned home, she then began a dual masters degree program at the University of Chicago. Within one year of her studies there, Amy, 25 yrs. old, tragically fell off the balcony of her 9th Floor Chicago Apartment on March 22, 2003.
Amy so proud of all her students

All of us were stunned and completely in shock on Amy leaving us so soon.  At the same time Amy's Power Players went into action and knew how important it was to carry on her mission of changing the world.  The people closest to Amy began the Non-Profit, AMB Foundation with the mission to raise money for organizations that fight for social & educational justice and reform, and benefit the community. (That mission statement alone has Amy written all over it!  Her intelligence always blew me away!)  The University of Chicago also began the AMB Memorial Fellowship in her name; funding students first year pursuing unpaid internships.  The work these students are able to carry on in all different parts of the world in her name is exactly the mission Amy had of changing the world herself.
AMB's Power Players

Boys & Girls Club AMB Center
Back at home, Amy's little sister Ann immediately began carrying on the legacy of Amy, her only sibling, her best friend.  Ann with her parents Deb & Keith Bosman, and what I call are Amy's power players Lou Morrone, Jason Klapper, Karin Cesnovar, Jill Haberski, Aaron Foltz & Amanda Knight, among many other friends who Amy was more than just a part of, teamed up together and within four months of Amy's death, held the first annual AMB Golf Outing. This was also the start of the AMB Foundation.

Its hard to believe its been twelve years without Amy because her legacy has been living on so strong through this team of amazing people. Through the AMB Foundation , twenty-five + students have received between $500-$2000 in scholarships every year at our High School, Kenosha Tremper.  The new Boys & Girls Club in Kenosha received $70,000 from the AMB Foundation that was donated to what is now called the AMB Learning Center.  One of many of the organizations proudest contributions.

Ann with husband, Aaron
Amy's nephew, Jack & niece, Isabella
Family & Friends bid on items at Amy's Soiree
Ann, now married to Aaron Foltz, who is a strong force on the website and technical division of the foundation, and an amazing mother of two beautiful children, Isabella & Jack, together wanted to celebrate Amy as they do everyday but with a special family & friends event marking 10 years.  Ann put into action with a great group of committed friends, on April 20, 2013, a 10 yr. Soiree celebrating Amy and all the accomplishments of her life.  Over 150 people attended the formal event donating to a silent auction, enjoying Amy's favorite foods and music, and listening to the many people that were so impacted by Amy's life while here on earth.  We also remembered Amy by the emotional slideshow put together of all the events and magical moments that many of us shared while having her with us. (Watch the Memorial at Soiree Slide Show 1 & Soiree Slide Show 2)

Dinner after a fun day of golf
Friends celebrating Amy
The AMB Foundation will be hosting its 13th Annual Golf Outing on July 17th at the Bonnie Brook Golf Course, Illinois this summer. They are always open to newcomers joining the fun!  Coming up on the anniversary of Amy's death, Ann finds a strong force to continue her legacy as strong as ever.  Ann's mission with the team of Amy's Power Players are changing the world one day at a time, one person at a time and living Amy's dream of improving the world.
Special Gifts of the AMB
Sponsors on the Golf Course

Amy is remembered everyday.  Below is a quote Ann saw on Amy's bulletin board the day she went to the apartment to collect Amy's items.  "This was a perfect quote of Amy and how she felt of our world everyday."  Ann says.  This quote, we too, will live by carrying on Amy's legacy and never taking a day while here on earth, for granted.

"If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world, and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.
E. B. White
US author & humorist
(1899 - 1985)
Thank you Ann, for doing all you do, as a mother, daughter, friend, sister, and so much more.  
Amy still smiling and always in our hearts...

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This special edition of Ann & Amy is sponsored by The Connie Mall.  Amy had such beauty, grace and a side of crazy fun!!  Take a skincare analysis or enjoy the "Ruby Reds"  that remind me of her classy smile!  100% of all profits made at The Connie Mall from now until the AMB Golf Outing will be donated to the AMB Foundation.  (Click on the hi-lited links mentioned to view.)

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