Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Our Mia turned SEVEN Yrs. Old!!!

Our Beautiful Mia WAS 6, NOW...SEVEN!!!!!

What?!?  Seven?  I remember someone once asking me awhile back, "Doesn't time fly by so fast?"  I responded, "No, its going by just perfectly."  Now, I take that comment back.  7 years old crept up so fast that I DO look back and wonder where in the world has the time gone?  You may know our little angel from her fun, crazy comments of The Moms Mia-ism's Page so in honor of her special day, I had to share with all of you, fun- loving- moms, what I've learned from my beautiful girl.  Some may say she rules my world, and I say, "your darn right she does!"

Stylin as always!

1. I've heard she's stubborn.  Thank GOD! While others call it stubborn, we call it strong- willed!  Don't mess with her and you'll be fine.

2. You can never wear enough layers...and dots go with stripes, prints go with dots.  It's a "fashion-mista" statement. Seriously.  This girl can make 8 dresses, all on at the same time, look great!

3. There is no rule on # of jewels to wear, enough bling never hurt anyone or clashed any adorableness! # of Purses?  What?! That question doesn't even make sense!

4. Keep good friends close to you, and always make them where a seat belt. (Dear friend, St. Fran, as pictured with Mia, was in a little fender bender with Mia & her hot rod. May he rest in peace, I'm pretty positive he is.)
Mia stuck in a snow storm!

5. Say how it is, "China?! Why does she make everything?  France only made one thing, China makes everything!" regarding her headbands & toys, most say, "made in China."

6. Birthdays are celebrated all day, all week, all month.  If you forget, you'll be reminded, so don't worry about forgetting.
(Hey its the Nana way, everyday's a celebration, you can never be sung to enough and your never too old to blow out your candles!)
Mia partied out.

7. Notes, notes, notes, you can never leave enough love notes in the house.  Mia goes through notepads and post its like crazy leaving us little "I Love You's" everywhere all the time!  It'll NEVER get old!

8.  Sleep, it doesn't matter how, where, or when, just get your sleep in!

9. Love love love your friends, color them pictures, give them hugs, write them letters, laugh and cherish every minute.  Mia loves loves loves those closest to her and she makes sure they know it too!
Mia 4 yrs old & Maximus

10.  You can always be a complete mess and still be as beautiful as ever.  "Me and Layla are just always messy because we like it that way!  Julia and Emery can be the neat ones instead." #luvcousins!
Mia 5 yrs old & Julia

...and there you have my lessons learned from my Mia!
She is my shinning light, my sweetest angel and most of all, she's ours.
Happy 7th Birthday Beautiful Girl!!

Myself, Mia &  Nana.  1 of Mia's favorite Angels.

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