Monday, March 9, 2015

Poop Talk with Ms. Angie & The Mom

Since The Moms last "Detox" talk with our Colon Cleanse Queen, Angie, we were inspired to do a "Poop Talk" Video!!!  As much fun as we had with this talk, our entire point is to be aware of your digestive system and what your body is telling you!  We are not health professionals, by any means ;) but we did want to share information we have gathered and some experiences we have heard or had that are clues to a healthy body system and not so healthy!  I personally think its worth your minutes of viewing not only for the fun but to make yourself a little more aware of where your body's heading and taking some preventative measures if necessary.  See if you know who our mystery caller is!?! (and a Thank you to the Bristol Stool Chart to make this video run smoothly! no pun intended!)

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We also wanted to share with you some of our own personal products we like to use to keep our own digestive systems clean!

 1) Ultimate Aloe Juice; its taste great, you drink it (works like the aloe lotion except from the inside out!)  My Ultimate Aloe kids have taken this since babies and it has helped them with constipation at times and during teething it soothed the gums.  It also has helped our family with skin challenges like eczema and psoriasis.

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2) 7 Day Colon Cleanse; this is what we like to do "seasonally" every 3-4 months to rid of the toxins and get the system cleaned out.  We've felt not only better, but our skin was clearer, had more energy and just felt "cleansed of all the crud".  This should not be taken for a quick weight loss!  Its a great way to get started on any new regimen you are starting to look & feel great, clean that tasty pallet and be a new you! 7 Day Cleanse

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3) Probiotics; Just to maintain our overall health and good liver!  (There are several links on research and why everyone needs to be on a good probiotic.  We love this one and there is also a great Probiotics for kids as well! Probiotics

So there you have it, all in a nut shell!  Thank you to Angie Olson from "Success With Angie" for joining us once again and Mark Sprague for your video fun, time and amazing expertise!  

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