Thursday, February 23, 2017

Summer Time Family Fun with Fried Dough

Join our family fun with some Fried Dough "Crostelle"! 
Produced & Directed 8/2017

(all my little Italians, click on that small square on the right hand bottom of video above to make screen bigger while watching! Don't worry, we gotchya!)

It was party time, celebrating my beautiful nieces birthdays as they were home for their summer visit from Virginia.  It's  our chance to be with them enjoying a gorgeous day and special family fun together.  Mom & Dad got the house ready, my sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles brought the families with hungry tummies, Aunt Clara brought the dough and I brought the Camera Man!! Haha, that would be my hubby of course, but with all these components, we couldn't resist but to have a little video fun together while the kids "frolicked to and fro" haha!! So enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed celebrating!  And Happy Birthday my beautiful-fun-loving angels, Zoe (12), Layla (8) & Emery (7). (Stay tuned they may be hosting a Cake-Bake-Off soon!)

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