Husband 101

This page will always have updated additions so check back often!

If you know of someone getting married, or have boys of your own, 
this may come in very handy!!

I heard someone say one day on a radio interview...
 "It is NOT the husbands fault! If he does NOT pick up his clothes, you do NOT yell at him!  You go to his mothers house and SLAP the mother!"  

Now having two boys myself, I do not want to be slapped in my future and I definitely am not slapping my mother-in-law!  So as I learn every day from my own extremely-patient-husband, what I "dislike or like", I take it as a lesson to be sure to teach my own boys! 

If you know someone getting married soon, this is great for them to use as a SURVIVAL GUIDE for future husbands and share these STRONG recommendations!

**Disclaimer:  Yes, we talk to our husbands directly. Yes, most of the time we give up control and let it be done their way, not ours & accept it,  and yes, we DO need to vent to lady friends once in a while instead of our hubbies because it just feels better to let it out and let it go with no long lingering argument or discussion.  
(Just had to be said if this ever opens the hornets nest from the hubby's perspective!)

Happy Wife, Happy LIFE!  Each is categorized for easy selection. HA!

and of course...this has to be said...we begin each with a... "Please"...

  1. Kiss me Good Night!
  2. Kiss me Good Morning!
  3. Snuggle with me at bedtime, your the only comfort to put my mind at ease after a crazy day.
  4. Hold my hand when I reach for it.
  5. Smile at me.
  6. Keep our date nights, even if we need to pay a babysitter once in a while.
  7. Trade the "You are HOT" comment to "Can I help?", you'll get a further faster later.  winkwink

"Switch the laundry" is translated to: (each numbered for simplicity; double... HA!HA!!)
  1. Put the load from the dryer into the washer,
  2. Put the load from the washer into a basket &
  3. Please fold the clothes from the basket &
  5. Please begin the CYCLE again by placing dirty laundry next to the dryer INSIDE the dryer &
  7. Thank you for helping with laundry (YOUR undies are in there too!)
  1. If you dirty a dish, clean it. Including glasses.
  2. If you clean it, put it away.
  3. Clothes stay OFF the floor; that is why there are closets, dressers and laundry baskets in each room.... just saying...
  4. When your wife takes the time to pack FOR YOU before leaving for a trip... PLEASE take the time to unpack, put your clothes in the dirty laundry, your misc. stuff away and the darn suitcase back where it belongs... for goodness sake!
  1. Share or don't share when you get home, just support each other on good and bad days.
  2. Celebrate together when successes come each others way; no matter how big or small.
  3. Communicate your work schedules; be fair, and respect one another's priorities.
  4. A "HONEY TO DO LIST" WILL GET DONE! IF NOT BY YOU THEN BY A "SOMEONE- ELSE'S- HONEY- DID- AND- HERE'S- THE- BILL" LIST.  Whichever you prefer, life's about choices! :)
TELEVISION: (Personally, I can't stand television but...)
  1. YES!  Watch whatever you'd like, just don't live on the couch all day doing it.  
FOOD: (yes, FOOD)
  1. ALWAYS get TWO!  No matter what or where, never assume you'll share your "JUST 1"!
  1. If you don't want to wait in the car for us when departing somewhere, please ask what you can do to help before getting in the car.  Most times while you are waiting in the car its because we are thinking of last minute things to bring or that need to be done so  1) we have it when we, or our kids, need it and 2) we walk in to a clean/ slate when returning home!  

WIFE 101: (Its only fair ladies)
  1. Don't put magic shell in the fridge, it will harden, he will not be happy come ice cream time.
  2. Love your man :)
  3. Take turns planning date night.
  4. Review Husband 101 with Hubby so he understands the rules.
  5. WIFE 101 only needs 5 rules....oops!  I mean "tips". (wink, wink)