When mothers are reminded why everything we do, no matter how big or small for our children, is worth everything when we hear them say the darnest things... and to us... the funniest...

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So this one got a lot of feedback!  I just had to have it on my Mia-ism Page!  
My little Juju is a wise one!  -Julia, 5 yrs. old and her daddy
My Hubby's pretty brilliant when it comes to parenting. I rank this move as one of his Top 5's in "Daddyhood". I had to share with all our Daddy-with-daughter friends out there...you'll appreciate this one and it will come in handy, trust me!!! Here's the txt I rcvd from hubby:
"Julia was crying and packing clothes to move out. She is upset because we don't let her have shopkins. I told her we love her and will miss her. Also that she needs to leave all the clothes behind because those are things we bought for her. She decided to sleep on it and get back to me tomorrow."
There u have it and as for this morning...she was excited to leave her hair down because its music today, not gym.
Okeedokee & all at the age of 5!

"I'm going to write myself a valentine.  It's important I love myself too."  
-Mia with 1st grade valentines for her class

"Julia, why don't you read with "Me", 
then you'll be smart like a first grader!" 
Mia (6) says to sister Julia (5)

"My daddy is so smart and if he doesn't know something he asks his phone, 
do you know why?"

"Why?" cousin Layla, 6

"Because his phone is smart too, he calls it his "smart" phone." 

-Mia talking with her cousin about Daddy. 


"Julia, you'll love 'kinegarten', you get a recess twice, sleep, and eat with all your friends!"  Mia 6

"Nana has Large CD's, lots of them!"  Mia, 6
"Mia, those are called Records."  Mom
"Why, do they record?" Mia

7/2014  "Maximus, are you glad we got a puppy now?" Mia asks while leaving with our new addition and holding Maximus's hand to the car.

"Yes" Maximus

"So now you don't have to pretend to be one anymore!" Mia
- Mia 6 & Maximus  3 


8/2013 My daughter's logic... "I'm going to become a vegetarian after summer, not because I care that they kill animals because I don't*, but because its healther but I'm not going to be healthier until after summer." Hmmm....
-Paige 13, daughter of Michelle
*Paige does care, she really does!

(Stay tuned for their Para sailing adventure together!)

6/2013 "Mia, did you ask for permission to play with that?" Cameron
"What's pimission?" Mia, playing in Camerons room.

"You asking me to play with it and me telling you no" Cameron
"No, I just knew I should play with it." Mia

She won, she usually does when it comes to her big brother!
-Conversation heard by The Mom, Cameron 9 & Mia 5


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