Why "The Moms Diet"?

"Heather, I'm quitting motherhood!  This just isn't for me!"
"Connie, tomorrow's Monday, just start over! Like a Diet!
And that's where the MOMS DIET begins....

 A common topic shared...
The Stay at Home vs. Working Mom War drives me crazy!  
We both have the same goal and comment interest, 


Why is it that this is a constant battle?  Moms need to be supportive of one another regardless of what else is going on in our lives.  We are all busy, we all have crazy schedules and we all need a break  once in a while from much chaos!  Can't we help each other out by doing our best not to judge, prejudge, criticize, and all that nasty stuff that woman do to each other?  Don't you have to admit that raising little girls is tough when it comes to friendships, so lets set the right example to our girls as their everyday POSITIVE role models!

I started this blog and named it "THE MOMS DIET" because its something many of us can relate to.  Going through pregnancies and such huge life changes, we all go through a period of wanting our "before bodies" back.  So we follow this diet and that diet.  We get caught up with work, home & life and fall off the dieting wagon.  We get back up and get started on that "diet" once again, going through the cycle over and over.

MOTHERHOOD is the SAME WAY!!! We want the same fun exciting happiness (was that too much?  ha!!) before we had children, the same way we want our bodies back!!  (oh stop, of course we are even HAPPIER now with our angels but you get where I'm going...) We have our good days, our bad days and sometimes just want a little balance in life and eventually once we find that balance, its followed by a few days of chaos again!

So here's the in-balanced blog; the good, the bad, the ugly, but the ACCEPTED by ME!  
So, from MOM to MOM... 

Support each other in living the lifestyle of keeping a little bit of sanity, getting rid of the chaos! and keeping our children AND US, happy by keeping it fun!  

Its much easier knowing that its OK that we all have bad days.  If we learn to live the lifestyle of being exactly WHO we are, accepting ourselves and our decisions, our children will grow with confidence and love each day, leading the example and passing it down to their own beautiful children.  

So diets never work unless you make it YOUR LIFESTYLE!! Just like motherhood, we can't yo-yo it or quit! I'll share with you my lifestyle and how not every day is perfect, but waking up and having another day with my four children is just as perfect as I am blessed to be!


My Inspiration for this blog was from my daily "coffee" talks with my sister, Heather.  We would crack each other up all the time with our morning chats and thought how fun it would be to share some of our talks with others.  I'm so lucky to have the people I do in my life.  I'm extremely blessed to have two of those people be my sisters, Francine & Heather.  So I can't take full credit for this blog, without them, especially my morning laughs with Heather,  I wouldn't be bringing this fun to you!  

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