Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving, The Moms Top 10 Tips!

Thanksgiving, The Moms Top 10 Tips!

1. Don't inhale! Chew your food for Goodness sake! Even if it is your only home cooked meal for the year, there will be the same thing next year so enjoy your food! It's not the first time you've eaten in your life; chew it, savor the flavor, and digest properly!

 2. Don't "MOUND" your plate. Cover it with a little of everything if you must...Fine. But PILING it UP is a fat NO-NO!?! Please, were you seriously starving yourself all year for this Turkey Day? Save some for others and give your belly a rest!

3. CARBS???!!! Quit fooling yourself, your not using this day to stay off the carbs anyway, take a "carb blocking" supplement, yes, there is such a thing and YES, you need it, tis the season, EVERYONE does! Click here to block ur carbs info!

4. DO NOT LEAVE DINNER TO GO SHOPPING!!! If you do, you can go face to face with the employees you run into at the store and tell them, "this is MY Thanksgiving ONLY, not yours!" (yes, that's right, some had to work to be there for YOU and your ridiculousness of a sale or lose their jobs!)

5. STAY OUT OF LINES AND GO ONLINE IF YOU MUST BUY!!!! Need to hit the sale??!! Get ON-LINE not IN-LINE! Be smart about your time and money. Save gas and time and buy ON-line! Going into stores, does not give you CASH BACK the way our Shop.COM does, make your money work for you!!

6. Go to the soup kitchen and SERVE the line if you have so much time to wait hours IN line for a sale! People need you more at the soup kitchens than the brick and border store employees need you!!!

7. Yes, you will be with family. YES, you should enjoy them. YES, you may get annoyed. YES, imagine what you'd do Turkey day if you DIDN'T have them!! Enjoy the people you choose to be with or stay home, it's a celebration of family, don't forget that.

8. It's about being THANKFUL! It's not about the Gifts you buy that day or the food!! Don't overspend, don't shop, don't overeat. Leave your cell phones at the door and be THANKFUL for the people that have come together with you and ENJOY each other's company. **Have an adult beverage if and when necessary. Adult beverages were made for special occasions such as this.

9. DON'T Sleep after dinner! Get your lazy, over- eating butts off the couch, (unless you are still crawling of course and if you are, you're too little to even read this!) help clear the table, do the dishes and get outside to enjoy the fresh cold air!! Work together, don't expect to get served!

10. PRAY!! For goodness sakes, if you are following these tips for the 1st time, enjoy a delicious glass of wine, laugh and love with the people around you and PRAY how thankful you are this THANKSgiving Day!! You did it and spent it YOUR way!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I'm sharing this because my heart knows the time is NOW to share.  I've come across so many others that feel alone today and I want others to know, you are NEVER here I share with you...

We've all felt it, we've all been there.  We have all experienced or know of someone going thru it.  Then why is it THE WORST KEPT SECRET... DEPRESSION.  An emotion or disease as some regard to it as,  so serious and underestimated, and in some cases causing a life to end,  yet no one wants to discuss or talk about it, even if talking meant saving a life. 

After having four beautiful babies, very close together, my emotions became uncontrollable and my body was slowing down and a hormonal UNBalance took over.  I was not getting any younger and the cloudiness from hormones and the many changes my body was going thru was not becoming any clearer or healthier. 

I look back at my writing journal and cannot believe the darkness I was in.  It was all clear to me after my friend had recently shared with me his own thoughts written down of a day while in his darkest time, I looked at him and said, "I have written these same exact words at one time."  He looked at me completely astound that I was ever even in a depressed state.  He's known me for over fourteen years, and never knew because I hid it well and I never shared.  It was not for me to bring others down with me, it was my "job"  to stay happy, positive and bring others up whenever possible, so it seemed.  to others.     Because that. is. who. I. was...

"Someone in town was hit by a train, they believe it was suicide!"  I overheard these words said by someone one day.  My first thought, my very first thought was , "wow, that would be so much easier than sitting in a closed garage and turning the car ignition on."  Without even hesitating, my mind started thinking that that was such a better choice, the family wouldn't find me till later, they wouldn't be reminded of it every time they went to the garage, this would be a better way ending my darkness and doing it away from the house that my family and I live in. 

WHAT?!!!!  What in the world and why in the world would I DARE put that in my head?!!! Because I wasn't right , my emotions were not balanced and I felt no purpose in my life, disregarding all others including my children being left without a mom.  But that was it, all I knew at that time was that everyone would be so much better off without me.  I was in a dark hole and I couldn't get deep enough in it. 

My mind was racing a hundred miles a minute of ideas, things I had to do, things I didn't get done, things I said and regretted, things I should've said, things I let go of... ALL THINGS...  I would shut down not knowing whether I was coming or going and especially not having any direction of where to even start.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Every day women are fighting battles.   Some right in our own home with ourselves, our children, spouse, health, financial struggles, worrying day in and day out about the hope that everything will be ok no matter how big or small the situation may be and never knowing what may arise.  We want everything to be "ok" and most of all, we want to win each battle.  We say winning is not everything, well it is.  Especially when it comes to the battle of your life.  Women fight with even more courage, strength and determination than ever, and this is when losing is not an option.

I have had the honor of amazing women share their stories of the most heroic battles and in my heart I wanted the timing to be right when it came time to sharing their journeys with you.  The timing couldn't be better to lift each other up and let each other know, "it'll be ok, you got this".

With school right around the corner, what a great way, I felt,  to start off this series than to recognize this amazing teacher, mother, and friend, Mrs. Jenni Olson.  I cannot thank her enough for taking the time to write and share in her own words her journey of survival.  I know her story will inspire others, so please read, share and remember, "you got this."

Mrs. Olson with Mia
My name is Jenni; I am a wife, a mom, a kindergarten teacher and  
I am an Ovarian Cancer Survivor.  
I was diagnosed on Good Friday in April of 2012, after the pathology on a large cyst that I had removed came back positive. I was completely blindsided when I received the call from my doctor. Cancer was not something that I had even considered or had even discussed with my doctor as a possible concern before the surgery.  After all there was no history of Ovarian Cancer in my family. 

Suddenly at 40 years old, I was facing a diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer Stage 1C.  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

4000 Pageviews & 101 Readers!!!

About 1 year ago, June 13, 2013,  I started this blog with an amazing group of moms supporting me.  

4000 page views (and counting...) in one year may not be much to some people, but for me its 4000 views of gratitude that I have for each person that has taken the time, to read, view and share!

It all started with my sister and our coffee chats in the morning!  and now 4000 views later... ideas are still being written and posted on The Moms Diet!

THANK YOU to all the Moms for reading, viewing, sharing, contributing and taking the time to check out this blog!

The Moms Pageviews


4003 as of July 6, 2014

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

B is for Ball. F is for Fearless.

Balls. Everything is a ball.  If its round, it is to be played with. The Christmas Tree Ornament that completely shattered everywhere when thrown to the ground expecting it to bounce back up.  Easter Eggs were balls that cracked and didn't work in this kids eyes.

 Maximus, whom I refer to as my Grand Finale, is child number four.  My "if- I- didn't- do- it- right- with- the- other- three- kids, now- is- my- chance- to- make- it- up" finale.  Moms, you know when you're done, you're done, and once we had four, we were good to go with completing our family, hence "grand finale".

Every child is different, most moms know.  Our first son was the easiest, laid back, calm, went with the flow,  a few separation challenges here and there that we all got thru together, just an easy going kid for the most part. My girls in between, well, that was all a blurr.  I had them a year apart from each other all while selling and moving into a new home (another chaos story that we made it through!). Now my little man Maximus.  When one of us gets upset with him, the others are there backing him up or taking him by the hand letting him know its ok.  #4, yup, the love of all of our lives in this house.

So back to the balls, we did what anyone would do when they see their child has an interest in an activity, we signed him up for the Team!  The big leagues, also known in our town as the "Mighty Mitts".  That's right, it was time for this 3 year old to step up to the plate and we all knew how ready he'd be.  We were excited about this big day for our guy.  He was always running around with us to sport practice here, dance rehearsal there, acting as the families biggest fan no matter where we were headed, soccer, baseball.  Now it was his turn and we all couldn't wait.  Our endless "pitch to me" days were all put into play now.

So this is how the big day went...

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hoovers Hause All Dog Rescue


My hubby has been looking online at "animal shelters" here and there and will show me the adorable, cute, heartwarming online pics of puppies from time to time that need a home.  Every other week, the Moms Executives (Julia & Maximus) and I will visit the puppy store to get our fix and have some play time with a few of the little rascals.  Not growing up with dogs myself, I was starting to grow a liking to the little guys but knew we were not a "dog home".

Well... to cross off our Summer Letter "P", Puppy Store, as a family trip, Hubby found a local adopting event to attend.

We took the kids, hopped out of the car, (not before Julia instructed that they each get a turn picking out one  puppy to play with at a time and she'll go first) and asked to play with a little black lab named Valdo for a bit.  While the family enjoyed the playtime, and I did as well, my reporting gears went up and a kind volunteer from the shelter named Rachel answered as many questions as I could think of as a non-pet person.

She introduced me to Valdo's mom so I would see the possibility of how big our little black lab would get. She told me about feeding him, the shots necessary, the back yard safety, the time commitment and most importantly the attention and love that a puppy needs from the adopting family.   I felt the love and care that Rachel has for the shelter and all the animals Hoovers Hause saves.  I continued to ask how this shelter came about and she explained that the founder, Sharon, saves these animals from the Mississippi areas (there is a high death rate of pets) cares for them, brings them up to date on their shots and makes sure they get to good health.  Then Sharon and her team transports them to Wisconsin to find them a loving caring home.  Its a long drive for the animals and they are sure to stop for "potty" breaks and a good stretch when needed for the pets.

Friday, June 13, 2014

New Summer! New Look and Some More Fun!!!

The Moms Executives
Sooo.... do you like the new pink?!?!  I thought how appropriate to start the summer blogging refreshed and renewed with new stories, great moms, a ton of fun, and heck, why not an entire new blogging look?!?

Well  its been a week of summer vacation already come and gone.  A week!!!  Time flies, I know I say that often when I write but it's so true!! The days are short and the years are long and we all know that's the truth, right ladies!?!?!! 

The Moms Executives (Mia, 6 & Julia, almost 5) and I started the summer off with a Saturday morning breakfast together and a great idea of the ...

2014 Summer Fun List!

dunt, dunt, dahhhhh!!!! (the Croods, go with it...)

Monday, February 17, 2014

To Moms from #KidPresident

I just had to put this link on here from Kid President.  What a wonderful reminder of what's important to our children when growing up and what they need from us moms!  I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do!  Click on it below:

1. Put the phone down! Unless its your kids name.
2. Don't name your kid "phone"!
3. We love you MOM!
4. Stop Cleaning!
5. Mom upside down means WOW!
6. Cool it on the Meatloaf!
7. Thank you for cleaning up the poop.
8. Have fun!
9. Hug More. Shout Less.
10. The Secret to the world is...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day = VICTORY!

We have finished celebrating 100th Day... counting 100 stickers for the 100 project, counting 100 M&M's for the 100 snack, counting 100 hearts, 100, 100, 100... you get the idea.  My two year old can count to 100 now... ha! well, maybe not yet.

 With 4 kids and a crazy mom counting all these out together, you could see why it took us a little longer to get through each project :) "ok, we have to start over, one at a time..45...86... ok, let's try it again...22....47...."  We would laugh hysterically all counting different numbers, then get frustrated, then finally, each child leaves the project and mom ends up counting the finale!

So our 100th day is done and here is our sweet, sweet, Valentine's Day.  Treats for each class done. Valentine Cards mailed out to the ones near and far, done. Valentines for each class party to pass out, done. Valentine Boxes, done. And now, one exhausted mom ready for her Valentine Wine, a romantic movie, and a warm fire to call it a night... you can all relate?!

What's my point?!?

This is all seasonal and these busy times are going to be here and gone before a blink of an eye!  All week it seemed to be the theme with amazing moms, "we are just so busy." Yes, we are.  Swim, church, gym, school, dance, baseball... its all seasonal and we will be busy to the very end of each season.  

Being a MOM and being so needed as of now with our little ones, is SEASONAL.  It is also so important to just "be" in that very moment each season WITH them!  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Shutterfly & Childrens Place

Most of you know I love photos and utilize as much as I can for photo gifts and much more.  And like most moms, I also shop at Children's Place as much as I can, or as much as necessary at least.  Well, they have this promotion at Children s Place when you spend $20 or more you earn a card for a Free Shutterfly 8x8 Photo Book Code.

 So... I spend $60, I rcvd. one card, it expired in January and it was well spent. Thank You.
I went again to a different Children's Place location, rcvd. another card with a different code that expires in March, and was unable to use it.  I have a few other cards as well and will not be able to use those either.  Here is why...

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The "Business of Caring" Mom

So excited to share with you The Moms New Trend Shops!  I have so many everyday favorites that I wanted to share and make them available to you with the click of a button!                

The Moms Trend Shops
Do you shop online? Groupon? Kohls? Target? Macys? Tiger Direct?

Do you take supplements or are you looking for more in your everyday regimen? Not sure what to give your kids for great daily nutrition? Tired of wasting gas, dragging the kids and waiting in line at stores?  
Be online, Shop Online, Save TIME!

Visit this site, complete your profile to earn cash back and start saving on your families needs and more!  "Invite" others to the site and earn $$ just for sharing!  Its FREE!  Why not?!?

Trends are always changing and this link will continue to grow, so check back often and watch your savings grow too!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Mom meets "Yah-Yah"

For a birthday get away, we did what hubby loves to do, go to Chicago.  He is the best traveler and can find a hole- in- the- wall- restaurant in the middle of Italy if he wanted. He knows how to hop on every train, what cab # to call when needed, what bus, subway, you name it, the best eating spots, the "must-sees", he is the "Traveling Rick Steves" man to have.  So going to Chicago for him was an adventure; we had some Home Brew spots we wanted to check out and the fact that it was cheaper to return some winter boots to the actual store than send them back from purchasing online was plenty enough reason to plan a night out in Chi-town together.

While I enjoy making small talk, meeting and learning about people I find myself surrounded by, it just wasn't happening in Chicago.  Everyone is catching up on the phone, Ipad, head down with ear phones in, or avoiding eye contact at every cost.  I could even stare directly at a person for about five minutes and they have no clue eyes are on them (a little dangerous if you ask me!).  A man walked into our subway car shouting, "$money?!, passes?! food?!, haven't eaten for 2 days, out in the cold... anything!? anyone?!?!"  I was amazed at how he looked at each person directly waiting for any handouts he could get.  Shouting as if he were selling his heart out at a baseball game for popcorn and peanuts.  We made eye contact, I think I was the only one who didn't look the other way, and he disappeared repeating his "work" into the next car.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Moms Birthday

What does a busy Mom want on her birthday?  

Well, some would say a cozy night at home, some would say a nice dinner out with the hubby, some cocktails with some friends, maybe a shiny expensive gift...or two...maybe... ok, a handmade gift given with 100% love is enough to warm my heart any time.  Maybe a day at the spa to sit and relax with a nice massage, a pedicure? a delicious warm cup of tea with the time to enjoy it?  Maybe just to cozy up by the fire with a good book and have absolutely no distractions for the afternoon?  Maybe, just maybe, a chocolate "connie-tini" with some girlfriends and a night on the town to show off some old dance moves.  Whatever it may be that us moms desire to have on our birthday, I find it simpler to recap what we "don't" want to have on our birthday...

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Credit Card Mom

Start this year off on the right financial foot.  While revising your spending plan, learn how to earn more with your spending ...

Find out what credit card is best for you when you pay your monthly balances in full.  
Make your dollars work for you, you are spending them anyway, so why not get some rewards/ points/ cash back for doing so?  

Here are some great tips I found making your money work for you:
Make sure to visit The Money Mom Page for more tips to save!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Mom who beat the odds

Happy New Year to all the Unbelievable Moms out there!  

Make 2014 YOUR year of hope, health and happiness and don't EVER EVER give up!  What a better way to kick off the New Year than to share this amazing story of  Heather Von St. James, who beat the odds.  Click on the link below to read her story:

Thank you Heather, for sharing your courageous story with others and encouraging more woman, that they too, can beat the odds!