Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Lighten your hair: 7 myths and truths for anyone thinking of lightening their hair

One of the great doubts of women in relation to lightening their hair , is knowing how to do it correctly. First of all, it is important to say that there are several ways to clear them, which can be with bleaching powder, paint or even with some homemade recipes that bring chamomile tea , for example.

In addition, if you want to lighten the strands and change the look it may be interesting to do it gradually , not only to get used to the new color, but also to prevent the strands from being damaged. The time has come to dispel some myths once and for all! Check out some myths and truths about lightening your hair below!

How to lighten hair?

As we talked about earlier, there are several ways to lighten your hair , which can be with bleaching powder , paint and, if you just want to brighten up the look, using chamomile tea is an excellent option. Since the ink, for example, you are able to lighten up to three tones of the current color of the wires and the bleaching powder with hydrogen peroxide can leave them platinum .

Myths and truths about lightening hair

The time has come! Let's get to know some myths and truths about lightening your hair that can help you choose the products that most have to do with the result you expect.

Shampoo that lightens hair. Truth!

Yes it's true. There are several shampoos with some components like honey, lemon and chamomile that help to lighten the hair in a very subtle way. Don't expect to be platinum, okay? These shampoos offer only a light in the hair, especially in hair with lighter shades.

Lighten your hair naturally. Truth!

It is possible to lighten your hair naturally, as we mentioned earlier. For this, you can resort to homemade recipes, with honey, lemon or chamomile tea , for example. However, it is important to remember that the result varies from hair to hair, ok? If your desire is to stay platinum , lightening your hair naturally is not the best option.

Lighten your hair with paint. Truth!

Yes, it is possible to lighten the hair with dye , however, attention is needed, ok? According to the rules of colorimetry, the paint only lightens up to three tones , so it can help lighten the hair , but everything will depend on your choice and also on your original tone.

If you have dark hair and want to be platinum , there will be no way to escape the discoloration, but if you just want to lighten up and get to the more closed blond, it may be that the paint is a good option.
Lighten your hair with chamomile. Truth!

It is true, chamomile really helps to lighten the hair . If you want to brighten up your hair, this can be a great option for natural bleaching, but without thinking it will be platinum like that, okay?

To lighten your hair with chamomile you will only need a chamomile tea bag and a glass of water. Look here for additional insights: Best black hair dye

Follow the steps below:

1st Step: Put the water to a boil and put the tea bag inside. The tea must be very strong;

2nd Step: Wash your hair with shampoo and, with the help of a spray bottle, apply the already cold tea;

3rd Step: Leave it on for 4 hours, rinse and apply the conditioner as usual;

4th Step: Then, just let your hair dry naturally or, if you prefer, use a dryer in the warm temperature.

Lighten black hair. Truth!

If you have black hair and want to lighten it, know that it is possible, but it is important to take care not to damage it. To lighten gradually and less aggressively, the best choice is paint, but if you want to stay platinum, there is no way to avoid discoloration with bleaching powder and hydrogen peroxide. In both cases, it is interesting to look for a reliable professional, who will be able to analyze the thickness and structure of your wires before lightening them.