Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hoovers Hause All Dog Rescue


My hubby has been looking online at "animal shelters" here and there and will show me the adorable, cute, heartwarming online pics of puppies from time to time that need a home.  Every other week, the Moms Executives (Julia & Maximus) and I will visit the puppy store to get our fix and have some play time with a few of the little rascals.  Not growing up with dogs myself, I was starting to grow a liking to the little guys but knew we were not a "dog home".

Well... to cross off our Summer Letter "P", Puppy Store, as a family trip, Hubby found a local adopting event to attend.

We took the kids, hopped out of the car, (not before Julia instructed that they each get a turn picking out one  puppy to play with at a time and she'll go first) and asked to play with a little black lab named Valdo for a bit.  While the family enjoyed the playtime, and I did as well, my reporting gears went up and a kind volunteer from the shelter named Rachel answered as many questions as I could think of as a non-pet person.

She introduced me to Valdo's mom so I would see the possibility of how big our little black lab would get. She told me about feeding him, the shots necessary, the back yard safety, the time commitment and most importantly the attention and love that a puppy needs from the adopting family.   I felt the love and care that Rachel has for the shelter and all the animals Hoovers Hause saves.  I continued to ask how this shelter came about and she explained that the founder, Sharon, saves these animals from the Mississippi areas (there is a high death rate of pets) cares for them, brings them up to date on their shots and makes sure they get to good health.  Then Sharon and her team transports them to Wisconsin to find them a loving caring home.  Its a long drive for the animals and they are sure to stop for "potty" breaks and a good stretch when needed for the pets.

Friday, June 13, 2014

New Summer! New Look and Some More Fun!!!

The Moms Executives
Sooo.... do you like the new pink?!?!  I thought how appropriate to start the summer blogging refreshed and renewed with new stories, great moms, a ton of fun, and heck, why not an entire new blogging look?!?

Well  its been a week of summer vacation already come and gone.  A week!!!  Time flies, I know I say that often when I write but it's so true!! The days are short and the years are long and we all know that's the truth, right ladies!?!?!! 

The Moms Executives (Mia, 6 & Julia, almost 5) and I started the summer off with a Saturday morning breakfast together and a great idea of the ...

2014 Summer Fun List!

dunt, dunt, dahhhhh!!!! (the Croods, go with it...)