Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving, The Moms Top 10 Tips!

Thanksgiving, The Moms Top 10 Tips!

1. Don't inhale! Chew your food for Goodness sake! Even if it is your only home cooked meal for the year, there will be the same thing next year so enjoy your food! It's not the first time you've eaten in your life; chew it, savor the flavor, and digest properly!

 2. Don't "MOUND" your plate. Cover it with a little of everything if you must...Fine. But PILING it UP is a fat NO-NO!?! Please, were you seriously starving yourself all year for this Turkey Day? Save some for others and give your belly a rest!

3. CARBS???!!! Quit fooling yourself, your not using this day to stay off the carbs anyway, take a "carb blocking" supplement, yes, there is such a thing and YES, you need it, tis the season, EVERYONE does! Click here to block ur carbs info!

4. DO NOT LEAVE DINNER TO GO SHOPPING!!! If you do, you can go face to face with the employees you run into at the store and tell them, "this is MY Thanksgiving ONLY, not yours!" (yes, that's right, some had to work to be there for YOU and your ridiculousness of a sale or lose their jobs!)

5. STAY OUT OF LINES AND GO ONLINE IF YOU MUST BUY!!!! Need to hit the sale??!! Get ON-LINE not IN-LINE! Be smart about your time and money. Save gas and time and buy ON-line! Going into stores, does not give you CASH BACK the way our Shop.COM does, make your money work for you!!

6. Go to the soup kitchen and SERVE the line if you have so much time to wait hours IN line for a sale! People need you more at the soup kitchens than the brick and border store employees need you!!!

7. Yes, you will be with family. YES, you should enjoy them. YES, you may get annoyed. YES, imagine what you'd do Turkey day if you DIDN'T have them!! Enjoy the people you choose to be with or stay home, it's a celebration of family, don't forget that.

8. It's about being THANKFUL! It's not about the Gifts you buy that day or the food!! Don't overspend, don't shop, don't overeat. Leave your cell phones at the door and be THANKFUL for the people that have come together with you and ENJOY each other's company. **Have an adult beverage if and when necessary. Adult beverages were made for special occasions such as this.

9. DON'T Sleep after dinner! Get your lazy, over- eating butts off the couch, (unless you are still crawling of course and if you are, you're too little to even read this!) help clear the table, do the dishes and get outside to enjoy the fresh cold air!! Work together, don't expect to get served!

10. PRAY!! For goodness sakes, if you are following these tips for the 1st time, enjoy a delicious glass of wine, laugh and love with the people around you and PRAY how thankful you are this THANKSgiving Day!! You did it and spent it YOUR way!!