Monday, January 26, 2015

Worth Keeping or Letting Go

Ever since this New Year, the main word that I feel has been scrolling across my brain has been "Relationships".  I made it my New Years Resolution to take the time to 'value' more of the friendships/ relationships in my life.  Be it with my parents, sisters, friends, family, kids, hubby, etc.  Everywhere I go, everything I read, think about, see... this word has been blinking like a New York Broadway Show in lights across my brain!  I knew it was time to blog about it and share with other moms but my mind was going in every direction on this topic! I didn't know exactly what it was about relationships that I needed to share. Ha! I even woke up before sunrise, sat ocean-view while away in warm, sunny Mexico last week hoping to get a video out to you about it with the sun-rising in the background!  I kept stumbling over my words and nothing was coming out right.  (Thanks to my dear friend Michelle for talking me into sharing the video anyway, its worth watching at least to see the beautiful sunrise. Like she said, hey, I'm not perfect so if my words don't make sense to you in the video, which they probably won't, just enjoy the sunrise in the back ground!)

I did several takes, "whats that crazy woman doing I-Padding herself on that balcony this early in the morning?!" (lots of early am runners out there) and finally I just said, awww.. forget it, I'm trying to make the video blog out to be so perfect that the sun will have already risen and the view will be gone and the point, whatever point I was trying to make, won't get across either!  So I share the video, with only a perfect sunrise in the background, and I share my typed words with not a perfect thought, but hopefully a well taken meaning behind it all.  So here it is, and enjoy the sunrise at the end:

My hubby and I were fortunate enough to have my parents watch the kids and his sister watch our puppy for an extended weekend get away.  We were celebrating ten years of marital bliss. Ok, you can laugh.  For those of you that know us, it has definitely been ten years of "not-sure-how-we-made-it-10-years-together". We have had our share of goods, bads, and definite uglies but we somehow found ways to "fix" the impossible and come out stronger as a couple at the end.  (I'm sure some bets out there were lost! Boo to you! Yeah for us!) So we went to Mexico to celebrate and kind of catch up with one another.  It was more like, "Hi! Remember Me?!" Some of you know exactly what I'm talking about. But it was something that was important for us to do together at this point in our relationship.  So, we arrived in absolute paradise.  We did what every set of parents with four kids would do with time alone no matter where you are; eat, drink, hopefully sit on the beach or by the pool, have some adult fun and repeat.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Literally, Shedding the "Chaos" & Keeping the Fun!

So I have detoxed before, loved the results and wanted to share with other moms the whats, whys and hows of a detox!  

I brought in Detox Expert, and good friend, Angie Olson to share her tips and successes with Detoxing!!  
Check out our video interview below:

Angi is a huge success with helping so many others continue their way to healthy living!  I appreciate her time and knowledge and was very honored and excited to bring her to you at home!  Thank YOU Angie for joining us (and being your awesome self!) and Lisa Tutino Sinnett for video work!

As for me, personally, Detoxing has helped me in the past get over my plateau of being unable to get past a certain weight and funk I was stuck in.  Detoxing for me is seasonal, I do it when I feel like getting a fresh start on things (the New Year is always perfect for me) and when summer starts.  Yes, we all fall off the health wagon once in a while and find ourselves with that sugar craving or inhaling foods that really aren't best for our body.  Getting rid of all the excess junk in your body gets your body moving and feeling great all over again, even rids of the cravings you don't want anymore!  I would recommend a detox before starting any new weight management program, it just gives you a complete clean start.  Days 1-3 were the toughest for me, just really tired and crampy, (NOT CRABBY!) but everything was loosening up and after that it was smooth sailing!!

My Top 5 Tips that helped me have a successful detox:

  • Have bottled water in the fridge and number each one! You should drink half your body weight in ounces every day.  For example; If you are 160 lbs., drink 80 oz water/ day.  So you'll have ten 8 oz. bottles of water in your fridge #1-10. You should be on #5 bottle by mid day!
  • Mix lemon in your water, this helps loosen the "crud" up in your body.**
  • Bag snacks (fruits, veggies, etc.) as much as you can; have them ready and handy to go.
  • Prepare all the foods as much as possible; chopped, cut, soup prepared, lunch ready, etc.
  • Get off caffeine, coffee, sodas, etc. a week or two before.  This will cut down on your headaches and withdrawals during the detox week and make it a lot easier.
  • GO TO BED EARLY!  Get your rest and your kids in bed on time so you can let your body rest, its going thru a complete detox that your body isn't use to eliminating!  

Think of this as cleaning your pipes in your kitchen sink.  All that gunk and junk that you took in day in and day out has pieces attached to your walls inside your body that didn't get released, and this is going to gently loosen everything up, then clean it out while shining those inner pipes to let the new healthy food you'll start eating flow right through! (I know, its simple terms ;)   Like Angie said, its all the built up junk inside us that may be causing some serious health challenges!  It's time to seriously do some "house" cleaning and get your body moving & working the way it should be!

I never felt as light, clear, energetic and fresh once successfully completing a detox!
Here is the link for more information on the detox Angi & I both have used and loved: 

The Moms 7 Day Detox

If you'd like to join us as a group with support, recipes and tips, please private message me @ or text/ call direct 262.945.4593 with your Detox Order and I'll add you to the online "private" group.

Here's to "Shedding the Chaos" in your body and starting fresh for Great Things to come!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year Moms!

Hey Moms! Start the Year off right and "BE" in the moment, YOUR moment! 

Happy New Year and Enjoy! (Stay tuned for next week... on Detoxing!)

(For more info on Calcium mentioned, click here... The Moms Isotonix Calcium)