Tuesday, September 29, 2015

She left us with a legacy of Love, Laughter, Kindness & Family.

Wow, has it really been that long since I've put thoughts down into words??!!  This was heavy on my heart and me wanting to share from mom to mom.  A mother that I've adored since middle school and that I will never forget. A mother that has a very strong and beautiful family, like many of us are cherishing similar to our own.  A mother that I wish I spent more time with before it was her time to go.  A mother that loved having her sons friends over (ok, maybe sometimes!) and always opened her home to all of us crazy kids while growing up.

The time together with our families can never be long enough.  Never take a day with family for granted and embrace each moment to the fullest. 
We never know our timeline with the ones we love the most.

"If you love somebody enough, you can still hear the laughter after they're gone"

Today, we bury a Friend
We say good bye to her beautiful smile, warm heart and loving hug that she embraced with us every time we met.  

Today, we bury a Grandmother
Of beautiful grandchildren that she loved so much.  Every moment of them together was her world.  I knew because she not only spoke endlessly of them but so many magical moments captured in endless photos tell us so.  The smiles, the laughter, the squeezes of fun, why did her time with us have to be done?

Today, we bury a Mother
Of two wonderful men that I’m so grateful to call my friends.  Two men that always made you smile, laugh and made a difference of kindness when you crossed their path.  Two men that married women whom their mother was very proud of and talked about so kind & lovingly.  Two women that she admired their sons for choosing…she told me so, but they knew already, it was no secret of the pride she felt inside.

Today, we bury a Wife
A wife of a very genuine husband that she laughed with, loved, held hands, talked with, shared a life with that we all wish for as husband & wife.  A couple that is the example of forever love, commitment and fun that most dream of.  A marriage that was not taken for granted and lived to at its fullest.  A couple with now only memories together that will last generations of a lifetime. 

Today, we bury a Sister
Years of friendships that only sisters understand.  A bond that mends sisters together through thick and thin and always lending more than a helping hand.  Endless memories of tears, laughter & love. Sisters that now stand as two but will always have their angel by their side.  An angel of hope and faith, she’ll always be their heavenly guide. (be still & listen in your heart, she'll be there the most!)

Today we bury an angel that I was so blessed to know.  A mother, a sister, an aunt, a wife, a cousin, a friend and so much more, none of us wanted to see her go.

But the Lord always does take the best, her time here was done. Her legacy lives on in our hearts and truly always will.  A beautiful mother whom left generations of love that will never be forgotten.

Her sweet soul, her warm heart, her laugh, her caring ways that her family will carry on forever and many of us have learned from.  I will never forget how she opened her welcoming arms when our families first met, and was such a loving person that I’ll forever miss and so many more hearts will too.

Thank you Mrs. Kathy Smith, for always being you, you left us way too soon.

This morning it rained, I always believed that when it rained it was the angels transition to heaven; raindrops of sadness they they must leave us but missed family rejoicing once they are Home... sure enough it was today.  This evening sun lit the sky up with such a brightness and went down leaving such beautiful colors since this morning rain and it was a sight that seemed to go into eternity. Just like her memories in our hearts.  May God Bless You always and keep all our hearts strong until we meet again...