Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Who's in for some Summer "Moms Diet" Fun?!

The Mom & her cuties 2014
Mi Familia July 2012
The 5 am alarm clock of birds chirping was an early wake up call for me to get up and get out of bed.  It was impossible to get back to all my sweet dreaming and my daughter skootching close to me all night with the fear of her nightmare returning.  I don’t mind when we get our nightly visitors, it’s not very often anymore, however, it does turn a comfortable night into a ‘sore body’ morning.  Another sign of almost age 40 right there.   Eek! My kids are growing up too fast, yes, you know it, “The days are long and the years are short!” And I look back at when I started The Moms Diet (June 13, 2012!) my cuties were ages 9, 5, 4 & 2!  What a difference 4 years later makes… life goes by wayyyyyyy toooooo fast. (Don’t get me started J

Cherish My Girls!
Luv My Boys!
My mind races of completing my next piece for this blog that is anxiously awaiting to be finalized and published.  A piece that touched my heart and how serendipity had it to run into two amazing people on a fun day at a new park with my kiddos.  Being prepared for opportunity definitely came true on this day!  The interview of Kayla’s Playground will bring so much emotion and appreciation to your life and strengthen your positive circle of friends while holding your own, little angels, tighter.  I’m so honored to have it be a Moms Diet Post and hope others will share when it’s out. This summer is going to go by so fast and I’m excited to get deep into my passion of writing & photographing with a gazillion thoughts in my head of what piece should be next to share with all of you hard working amazing moms out there.

If you are new to my blog, please take the time to click & tour around! Checking out The Moms Challenges, reviewing the past ones and the present. Check out our Executives A-Z Summer Page to avoid any boredoms that may creep up on your child(ren) this summer.   I want you to check out the Husband 101 tab for a little chuckle and reminder of your own man you love, laugh, and live with every day. Find some own “Mia-isms” in your daily fun and I hope you click on many of our Connie & Angie videos (Poop Talk!) and gain some new motivation on a healthier, happier you! I also hope you explore and click on some past posts that may inspire, educate, or have you escape into, and be a better you in some kind of way.  More to come on baseball, summer hot spots, motivating moms that share their passion, 30 Min Moms, a little Lin-Manuel #Hamilton Chat, vacation fun, teacher tips, health suggestions, Cancer Awareness, Age 40 table talk, and the list goes on.  Maybe even getting risky and subscribe by entering your email and getting the newest posts as they come :) !

The Moms Diet, created & inspired by everyone above & more!
The Moms Diet is not a strict health page what so ever (be sure to read the “Why Moms Diet” tab) and if or when it comes to your turn for an interview, don’t worry!!  There’s no physical challenge I’ll ask you to complete except being yourself, having fun and enjoying the lifestyle of chaos you are in and out of each day.    So pull up a chair, dig into this “trough” of fun, (even on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram somehow and someway) and find some laughter, tears, motivation, life lessons and or excitement to fill up your daily bucket.  This busy, crazy, mommas going to take you on a fun summer ride and I hope you’ll enjoy every bit of it as much as I do.  So... 

keep shedding the chaos, keep the fun
& continue to live the lifestyle YOU deserve!!!