Saturday, January 7, 2017

YOU are always more than "just enough".

Happy 2017!  Make this your best year yet!!

You are blessed in every single way.  
Just take the time to know it, accept it and most of all, 
AGREE WITH IT (stubborn mommas out there ;).


Life is so crazy every single day.  Take the time to feel Blessed. Here's a little break down:

B-Be in the moment, here and now!  Sometimes it takes putting your phone down to see the world right in front of you.  Put worrying aside and keep the faith that all will turn out right for a bigger purpose.

L-Love yourself; who you are, what you do, decisions you've made, right at this very moment.  Enjoy your journey and love YOU.  Don't talk bad about yourself and always appreciate the great things about YOU.

E-Encourage & Empower others, don't be a "negative nellie", be their biggest cheerleader.  It never helps being negative towards others.  We are all our own worse critic.  We don't need to help others in that area, women are already hard enough on themselves.  Just take the time to encourage others or don't say anything at all.  It's a lot more fun and exciting to be with others when you are all allowing each other to SHINE!

S-Surround yourself with positive people.  ALWAYS!  This may be a small circle but it doesn't matter.  Its easy to step away from the negative once you've tried it.  Don't get caught up in it and do your best to find good in not so positive people, maybe they just need a little help themselves on confidence and not hurting others?!!  Be with the people that celebrate you, not tolerate you.  Its a beautiful atmosphere.

S-Spend time on yourself.  Make it a habit to take 20-30 minutes out of your crazy day.  Study scripture, listen to an audio while getting ready in the morning, go for a quick walk or a 30 minute workout (9Round :))  Spend time on prayer, your health, feed yourself and your mind with awesomeness each day.

E-Embrace your life, this is a once in a lifetime shot!!!  Evaluate what or who stresses you out, and make a decision to turn it around and bring happiness and peace in your life.  Learn from every single situation and be a stronger person because of it.  This lifetime is way too short to not embrace every day, embrace the person you are and love & embrace the people you choose to surround yourself with. 

D-DON't listen to other critics!  Critics of everything, Master of None?!  I love that saying.  Don't worry about what you "should" be doing, what others are "saying" about you, or actions of others.  Its none of your business what others say about you and especially not your worry of what others are doing.  Be YOURSELF and let it go if its negativity towards you.  When you take the time to see the goodness in others, you'll see that some are just trying to workout their own struggles that have nothing to do with you.  

Overall, STAY BLESSED!!!  
Stay true to you and love all others too! (It's really not that hard to do!)