Saturday, April 22, 2017

1/2 Full or Empty? Take 5 Minutes to know...

The video says it all, enjoy and take the time to refill & refuel each and everyday!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Our Kids Heads & Helmets!

"Use your head!  Be Safe!"
When I took the time to look up "Dangers of not wearing a helmet", the photos that came up were gut wrenching; Children in hospital beds with more than just scrapes and bruises on their faces; bandages, wires, cuts, and more. Go ahead google it, you'll get the picture, ones that I just couldn't stomach to share.  What happens with the slightest fall when our children have a "little accident" while riding their bike in the driveway, just heading across the street or around the corner to the park?  What happens when you hop on that ATV while camping for a quick ride with a passenger wrapping his or her arms around you so tight from behind & then falls backwards onto the concrete? Accidents happen and they can be deadly.  The sun is out and the summer weather keeps peaking in. Our kids are more than anxious to hop on those bikes and get moving.  The Moms Diet brings in our helmet expert...
Julianne on the far right with her family
Julianne Mallonee, BSN, RN, CPN
Pediatric RN (19 years), 
Pediatric Neurology Nurse (11 years), 
Pediatric Neurosurgery Nurse (5 years) 
& most importantly, Mom of 13 years!  
Julianne (Bedore) Mallonee, Mom to Haley(13) & Ethan(11), & wife to Adam (very lucky man of course😊!) shares her knowledge and experience of what she has seen first hand when it comes to neglecting the easiest way to keep our kids safe...WEARING Helmets! She has shared this presentation below with many others and I wanted her to share it with all of us! To keep it simple from what I've learned thru this presentation is the slightest crack or bruise to a skull can lead to major bleeding on the brain causing tremendous damage especially if not caught in time. Skull Fractures may have similar symptoms to a concussion and the dangers increase with time, if not instantly. Wearing helmets is a simple way to avoid a very scary and possibly a very tragic danger to our kids. 

Helmets can reduce risk of Head Injury by 85% & Brain Injury by 88%
I'll let Julianne do what she does best and share her passion on the importance of wearing a bike helmet, for you and your children. This video includes very detailed information, regarding the skull, the brain, brain bleeds and real life examples.  If Julianne has encouraged you to make the decision to keep helmets on while out riding, please comment below how she impacted  you today!  

Always say YES! wear a helmet & YES! wear it properly!  If you'd like Julianne to share her detailed and very informative presentation with a group you care about, please contact her or message us at TheMomsDiet and we will be sure she gets it! More links that support Julianne's video presentation below & Help Hotlines: Children's Hospital of Wisconsin & Helmet Safety & Concussion Awareness Hotline

Thursday, April 6, 2017

When your kids understand that others need Mom too...

Jacelyn and her family
There's no prouder moment as a parent than when your kids know others need you more than them. That's when Jacelyn, mother of Ethan (12) & Wyatt (9), Wife to Larry who is a Coach & Educator, and all good friends to our family, knew it was ok to finally take the opportunity to help others in another country.
Jacelyn works for the Medical College of Wisconsin as a surgical assistant and has done so in the operating room for 16 years.  She is an amazing friend with a huge heart!  She is there when, and if our family ever needs her, (and with her background, we sure do need her, and all her fun too!:)).  It seemed the hospital felt the same when they asked her again, as they have in years passed, to join them on their mission trip to Nicaragua.  While timing as a mom is never easy to leave your kids no matter what age, Jacelyn felt this was the time to go for it, especially when Ethan and Wyatt took the time to understand why she was leaving.  They knew how important it was for her to help other children that didn't have the advantages we take for granted every day here in the States.  As much as I want to write and share all about her experience that she shared with me, I'll let her do the talking on this one.  Listen to her story and see, maybe in your heart too, when you know its time to watch your family grow, just a little without you, & to share your special gifts with others and grow in your own way too...

I had to end with this awesome video that Jacelyn appeared in! Ok, it was a quick few seconds that you'll see her, but this entire team plays such a major role in so many lives, I just had to share, and make sure to pay attention because it's all in the blink of an eye on screen, but moments of a lifetime to so many parents!  Thank you Jacelyn to all you and your team do each day for our children!